Monday, May 24, 2010

One movie I want to see...

One movie I want to see is that Invicttus.
Turfseer from United States said "Invictus' is designed to be a 'feel-good' movie about relationships between blacks and whites".

JeffersonCody from South Africa said "Invictus is one of the best sporting movies I have ever seen. But it's also about more than sport."

janyeap from Washington, DC said "A true work of artistic film-making value that superbly unfolds South Africa's major historical events and moments! To observe the faces of hope on screen is so heartwarming. I certainly hope that this film and both Freeman and Damon would be getting Oscar nominations. "

That is, I want to see this movie even more because of seeing it. This movie treat not only sport but also human light. I must be touching.

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  1. I also want to watch this because I like Matt Damon!!! He is so nice actor, I think.