Monday, July 19, 2010

Fireworks Activity

A topic is fireworks.

*Fireworks's vocab
firework=a small device containing powder that burns or explodes and produces bright colourd lights and loud noises, used especially at celebrations

Sparkle=to shine brightly with small flashes of light

pop=a short sharp explosive sound

zoom=to increase a lot quickly and suddenly

explode=to burst or make sth burst loudly and violently, causing damage

whoosh=the sudden movement and sound of air or water rushing part

flame=hot bright burning gas that you see when something is on fire.

bang =to hit something hard against something else, making a loud noise.

whiz =to move very quickly,often making a sound like something rushing through the air.

bonfire =a large outdoor fire, either for burning waste, or for a celebration.

flicker =to burn shine with an unsteady light that goes on and off quickly.


1.Where do you have to do fireworks? A.Legal areas
2.What is important thing when you buy fireworks? A. Buy legal fireworks
3.What is better to prepare for fireworks? A. Garden horse, a pail of water, or fire extinguisher

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I wrote about Verny park.

*The Verny park is located near Shioiri station. The park fronts on the sea. A lot of roses are planted in park. There are fountains. The atmosphere of the park is elegant.


Monday, July 5, 2010

I couldn't watch New zealand video so I watched Video about Vienna in Austraria.
Vienna is beauty come from traditional histrical sensitive designes. There are many architecture. We can see any buildings in central town.


Last Wednesday, I stayed in hotel "Yokohama Bay Sheraton". The hotel is near the Yokohama sta. I spent wonderful time. A bed was quite confortable. I was supposed to get good sleep, But I couldn't. I wake up again and again because of sunshine.I decided to close a curtain next time. I spent special time except for that thing.
I reserve the hotel by using a site "" If you use the site, you can reserve hotels at unbelievable price.
Check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Travel Plan

I am going to go to New Zealand with friends becauseI watched beutiful landscape by photos. My friends have been to NZ by means of semester abroad in ferris.
It is important to escape reality in my travel so I want go with a couple friends.

I need $1,292 USD for airplain charges.
It is ¥114,406

I Leave sep 9 ,and arrive sep 14.

Details are below.

Leave:Thu, Sep 9 All Nippon Airways
Depart: 11:25am Tokyo, Japan
Arrive: 12:40pm Osaka, Japan

Change Airline. Time between flights: 2hr 50min

Air New Zealand
Depart: 3:30pm Osaka, Japan
Arrive: 5:25am Auckland, New Zealand

Total duration: 15hr 0min

Return:Tue, Sep 14 Air New Zealand
Depart: 8:30am Auckland, New Zealand
Arrive: 4:40pm Tokyo, Japan

When looking for a hotel, I prefer Nice Atmosphere & Design, Specious Rooms & Beds, and Central Location.

Then, I reserve the hotel"The Langham Auckland "
This hotel is rank #2 in tripadvisor.
flee is ¥45,518 in 4days.

I go to not only Auwckland but also Northland.
Northland is next to Auckland ,and it has wonderful nature.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sex and the City

This movie is sequel that is series of popular drama. Carry has a boyfriend and they decide to marry. However,he cancel marriage that day of wedding. Her friends cheer up ,but Carrie hits bottom. She and her friends decide to go to Mexico.
Sex and the city is a heart-warming movie. It is not only fun filled but also touching.I reassure that women's friendship is wonderful.Even if you have never watched this drama, you must not feel problems. This movie is the sequel, and Sex and the City 2 is now showing at the theater. You should watch this movie.

Monday, May 24, 2010

One movie I want to see...

One movie I want to see is that Invicttus.
Turfseer from United States said "Invictus' is designed to be a 'feel-good' movie about relationships between blacks and whites".

JeffersonCody from South Africa said "Invictus is one of the best sporting movies I have ever seen. But it's also about more than sport."

janyeap from Washington, DC said "A true work of artistic film-making value that superbly unfolds South Africa's major historical events and moments! To observe the faces of hope on screen is so heartwarming. I certainly hope that this film and both Freeman and Damon would be getting Oscar nominations. "

That is, I want to see this movie even more because of seeing it. This movie treat not only sport but also human light. I must be touching.