Monday, June 14, 2010

My Travel Plan

I am going to go to New Zealand with friends becauseI watched beutiful landscape by photos. My friends have been to NZ by means of semester abroad in ferris.
It is important to escape reality in my travel so I want go with a couple friends.

I need $1,292 USD for airplain charges.
It is ¥114,406

I Leave sep 9 ,and arrive sep 14.

Details are below.

Leave:Thu, Sep 9 All Nippon Airways
Depart: 11:25am Tokyo, Japan
Arrive: 12:40pm Osaka, Japan

Change Airline. Time between flights: 2hr 50min

Air New Zealand
Depart: 3:30pm Osaka, Japan
Arrive: 5:25am Auckland, New Zealand

Total duration: 15hr 0min

Return:Tue, Sep 14 Air New Zealand
Depart: 8:30am Auckland, New Zealand
Arrive: 4:40pm Tokyo, Japan

When looking for a hotel, I prefer Nice Atmosphere & Design, Specious Rooms & Beds, and Central Location.

Then, I reserve the hotel"The Langham Auckland "
This hotel is rank #2 in tripadvisor.
flee is ¥45,518 in 4days.

I go to not only Auwckland but also Northland.
Northland is next to Auckland ,and it has wonderful nature.


  1. Soo beautiful... Wonderful! I think I could escape the reality... I want to see this scenes!

  2. OKay, sounds good so far.

    But you need to give sightseeing destinations.
    Also, say who took the photo.